Best Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

One of the top questions we get is “what is the best thermal imaging camera?”  Unfortunately, our answer disappoints a lot of people.  That is because there is no single best thermal imaging camera.  People use thermal imaging cameras for a variety of different purposes, from plumbers looking for water leaks to security systems to going out into the woods to try to find Bigfoot!  A thermal camera that might work great in one application could be practically useless in another application. That is because things like the anticipated distance, weather conditions, size, and temperature distances you need to measure can all determine which thermal imaging camera will work best for you. 

What all thermal imaging cameras have in common is that they are designed to identify heat sources.  You can use them in dark, distant, or obscure places. You can also use them in crowds, when you want to be able to use heat signatures to identify particular people. 

Thermal imaging cameras actually measure infrared radiation.  Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light. While we cannot this infrared (IR) radiation, we can measure it using infrared detection systems.  Thermal imaging cameras actually measure IR radiation.   If you have ever watched one of the popular ghost hunting or bigfoot hunting shows on TV, then you have probably seen people using thermal imaging cameras to show temperature differences.  Basic systems have lower resolution, but they produce thermograms, which are like heat pictures. 

For handheld systems, the top-rated thermal cameras for 2021 were the FLIR-ONE Gen 3, Seek Thermal CompactPro, FLIR TG267, Seek Thermal RevealPro, FLIR C5, Seek Thermal Compact, Hti-Xintai Higher Resolution, FLIR C3X Compact, 220×160 IR Resolution HTI Thermal Imager, and the Fluke TIS20.  If you are looking for a general-use thermal imager, especially ones that are compatible with your cell phone, they are all good options. 

However, at For Technologies, most of our customers are interested in getting thermal camera systems that can scan crowds for people with potential fevers.  It has proven an effective way to help reduce exposure to contagious diseases without the bottleneck effect of entry-way temperature scans.   We offer a high-sensitivity thermographic camera that not only allows you to identify feverish people in a crowed, but also identifies them, captures images, and allows you to track movements.  Combined with the audible alert feature, you can divert people with fevers without disrupting other people moving in and out of your premises.  Combined with other techniques, it can help reduce contagious disease exposure in your building.  TTo find out more, contact us today.

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