Emergency Ventilator


The forVent offered by fortechnologies is an emergency ventilator unit designed for use during medical crisis which require quick, affordable access to urgent, life-saving equipment.

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The ForVent is equipped with a bag valve mask (BVM) or “self-inflating bag”, in a ruggedized aluminum enclosure, the ventilator enables the patients to move breathable air into and out of their lungs, particularly in cases of pulmonary obstruction.

Once connected to a supply of pressurized air, the ForVent is ready to be used. The knobs and buttons on its interface control values such as the tidal volume and breaths per minute, with all vital numbers displayed on its built-in LCD screen.

The unit is compact, easy to transport, and a vital aid in states of emergency.

Emergency Ventilator - Forvent


Efficient Control of BVM
Pneumatically-actuated, using air supply of 2 bars or 29 psi.
Sudden changes to pneumatic supply dampened using a pressure regulator.
Easily removable and replaceable BVM.
Ruggedized aluminum enclosure.
Safety Features
Alarm buzzer indicating low breaths per minute, high breaths per minute, loss of tidal volume, tidal, volume overshoot, loss of power supply, and low battery.
BVM fitted with emergency release valve and Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) valve.
Backup battery of up to 6 hours in case of power failure from the mains supply.
Clear, Compact Interface
Emergency Ventilator Control Panel
LCD Panel, which displays user parameters, hours of operation, and system alarms.
Tidal Volume (VT) Control Knob, which adjusts between 25%-100% of the max capacity, 800mL.
Inspiration/Expiration Ratio (I/E Ratio) Control Knob, with a setting range of 1:1 – 1:4.
Flow Rate Control Knob, which enables the operator to adjust breaths per minute.
Power Button
Warning Snooze Button


Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage 220V @50Hz
Battery Life 6 hours
Mechanical Specifications
Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 393 x 164 x 191.5 (in mm)
Ambu-Bag Volume 1000 ml
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -10 C to 50 C
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