Infrared Camera

An Infrared Camera for Superior Disease Control

It has never been more important to stop the spread of infectious diseases, and as part of your safety measures, being able to detect feverish people or those not wearing masks is crucial. Fortechnologies offers outstanding innovation and technology for disease control and community safety with an infrared thermal camera.

Our IR camera provides fast and accurate identification of heightened body temperature and offers real time alerts to a central control system so that interventions can be made when they matter the most. Designed with protection in mind, our infrared thermal scanner is suitable for businesses and organizations in any industry.

High Sensitivity Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Perfect for high traffic areas, the infrared thermal scanner developed by Fortechnologies is your first line of defense against the transmission of infectious disease.

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Infrared Camera

With outstanding parameter control, and boasting mask detection features with real time identification, alerts are made so that quick actions can be taken. Our infrared thermal imaging camera is suitable for such industries as shopping malls, offices, hospitals, government organizations, airports, schools, public events and more. Created with the goal of ensuring the safety of the community, our affordable solution is designed to protect your spaces.

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The infrared camera developed by Fortechnologies offers precision identification of at-risk individuals in order to ensure fast interventions for the control of infectious diseases. To learn more about our IR camera and software, call us today at (888) 553-6783.

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