Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

You have seen infrared thermal imaging cameras, but have you ever wondered how they can tell temperature from a distance? The answer is radiation.  While we think of light as something that we see, the light spectrum includes both visible and invisible forms of light.  Light is one of the forms of electromagnetic radiation, which includes waves that move through space and carry radiant energy.  Infrared (IR) radiation is what we call an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation.  We call it invisible because human beings cannot see it with just their eyes, though some parts of the IR spectrum are visible to other animals. 

What makes IR radiation unique is that it contains heat.  To understand this, think about sitting in the sunshine.  Even on a chilly day, you are going to be warmer in the sunshine than in the shade.  That is because the sunshine contains IR radiation in addition to visible light.   

Items give off different levels of IR.  Some items, such as non living objects, may not give significant heat and may be difficult to differentiate from their surroundings.  However, living objects do give off heat.  In addition, some inanimate objects may soak up heat during warmer times of the day, then emit that heat as temperatures cool.  This gives them a warmer IR signature if you are looking at through a thermal imaging camera

Infrared thermal imaging cameras actually measure that invisible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.  Using them, you can determine when something’s temperature is different from surrounding temperatures.  They can help you identify potentially living objects, which are usually warmer than their surroundings, even when it is dark or other conditions would prevent you from seeing them. 

Why do people use infrared thermal imaging cameras?  They are useful whenever you need to be able to spot a temperature difference.  People use them to find animals or people in dark spaces.  For example, they can be useful if you are looking for a missing pet, trying to find a lost child, or are hunting.  Contractors use them to try to find water leaks or to spot gaps or holes in insulation.  

At For Technologies, we specialize in an infrared thermal imaging camera system that can actually help slow the spread of disease.  Designed to be used in crowds, our system helps you search for people with elevated body temperatures.  It identifies them and lets you track them through crowds, allowing you to follow up with them to ask health questions or conduct further screening.